Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A busy summer - The story of an intern

(This month's post is written by Tom Valentin, a summer intern from the Kellogg School of Management.)

Coming into the summer as an intern at Element Bars, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had been warned that working for a small company - even for just a couple months - could be risky. However I wanted to work for someone whose passion for great tasting natural foods matched my own and Element Bars certainly fit the bill.

Within a week I was thrust into the mix when Element Bars exhibited at the Organic Food Trade Show right here in Chicago. Before I'd had a chance to even design my own bar I was answering questions about our ingredients and our plans moving forward. In two days at the trade show I quickly realized what Element Bars could mean to people - an energy bar that truly meets each and every users specific needs - be it nutritional or otherwise.

I also had a chance to try my hand at baking a few bars as well. Here at Element Bars, we're always testing new ingredients and combinations to produce great tasting bars. In the last couple of months I've tested chia seeds, specialty nut mixes, new cores, low-calorie bars, and much more! Working in the kitchen has been a lot of fun and has allowed me to see firsthand how natural these bars really are.

I've also had the opportunity to interact directly with customers at the Farmer's Markets and trade shows we've attended. Those who sample the bars seem to agree - our bars really do taste better and fresher than our competitors. Of course this isn't too surprising since our bars are freshly baked and chock-full of tasty ingredients. Overall I've learned a lot and have had a great time while working on this tremendous product!

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