Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Biking to work

The weather this past week here in Chicago has been comparatively tame by Midwest standards. You'd be hard pressed to find someone to call the 6 AM, 35 degrees temperature balmy but by late afternoon it's hovering around 50. I felt it high time I start biking to work. And so after my morning coffee and my custom Element Bar I braved the near-freezing morning air, two wheels rolling.

Despite the initial chill, the morning ride was wonderful – crisp air, clear streets, and power-a-plenty thanks to my tailor made energy bar. Its days like this that remind me that sometimes we need a little winter to appreciate the spring just like we need the late summer heat to make it through the winter.

I wisely crafted my bar with brown rice syrup for long-lasting, slow-release energy along with some walnuts for brain power to make sure my memory is working at peak potential. My AM Energy bar is balanced and perfect for my morning.

What does your morning bar have in it?

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