Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Sprint Towards Element Endurance

Element Endurance RunnerThis month, we bring you a new line of Element Endurance bars designed to give you the athlete the nutrition you need to go the distance!

After countless trials with a team of experts, we’ve developed three varieties to meet your pre-race, performance/cycling and recovery needs. Our bars give you the exact nutrition you've come to expect out of bars like Power Bar. Plus they are made from all natural ingredients, taste great, and are freshly baked. Yummy!

You can also make these varieties your way by adding your own performance-enhancing boosts such as glucosamine chondroitin, B- vitamins, and whey protein. And feel free to customize further with your own ingredients of interest.

We are offering 4 endurance packs for anyone looking to purchase not just one but all three of our pre-built varieties. Included is a 6 bar sampler for those who just want a taste test. All of our packs give you huge savings - as much as 30% off. And for a limited time only, all of our individual endurance bars, both popular and custom, come with an introductory discount of 15% off.

So don't compromise on your nutrition. Take control with Element Endurance!

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