Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Welcome to Summer and the Element Endurance Team Series

Welcome to summer wherever you are!

On the heels of introducing Element Endurance, we'll be featuring a summer series of Element Endurance team members - chronicling their stories in the world of endurance athletics. Tune in every couple of days to learn about how they're staying fed, staying fit, and what they're learning along the course of their training journey.

Haley Chura

Our first team member is Haley Chura. Haley is a triathlete and CPA, living, working and training in Atlanta, GA. In 2009 she posted a top ten finish at the USAT Age Group National Championship and was the first amateur female out of the water at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. Whether navigating her way through swimming pools or cost pools, Haley uses Element Endurance bars to fuel her adventures.

Haley grew up swimming, ultimately backstroking her way to the University of Georgia where she was a member of the 2005 National Championship Team. After graduating in 2007 she started working for Atlanta accounting firm Bennett Thrasher. Her boss convinced her to run her first marathon and when Haley crossed the finish line only a minute ahead of him, he challenged her to a rematch at a local Half Ironman. Haley won the rematch, managed to keep her job, and realized her love for endurance sports.

In 2009 she joined Atlanta triathlon team Dynamo Multisport. Her coaches, Matthew Rose and Maria Thrash, and her Dynamo Multisport teammates guided her through her first full season of multisport, which concluded with Haley not only qualifying for the Ironman World Championships, but posting the fastest amateur female swim time.

Haley finished 3rd at the 2010 Rev3 Knoxville Olympic Distance triathlon, qualifying her for her professional triathlete license. She plans to continue racing amateur through 2010, and is currently training for Ironman Louisville on August 29th.

Coach Matthew introduced Haley to Element Endurance bars as a post-workout recovery snack. She immediately liked the bars for their all-natural ingredients and great taste and thinks they are a great compliment to the endurance sports lifestyle.

Debbie Dust

Next we'd like to introduce Debbie Dust. Debbie Dust is an elite competitive cyclist who's career spans nearly 18 years. In that period of time she has earned multiple state championship titles in all cycling disciplines as well as silver and bronze medals in national competition. She is the owner and head coach of Off the Front Athletics, Inc., a company that provides customized endurance sports performance coaching, personal and group training, injury rehabilitation, and educational presentations on health and wellness.

She believes that successful outcomes and high performance in sport are the product of hard work and solid nutrition. Element endurance bars are an outstanding way to fuel before, during and after training and competition.

Jonathan Kelley

Last, and most definitely least, is Jonathan Kelley - the uber amateur runner and co-founder of Element Bars. After spending too much time in front of the computer building websites, Jonathan (not the one on Shark Tank) has finally decided to get back into fighting shape. He ran extensively in high school as part of a JROTC physical fitness team and baseball training, but took off for a little aerobic exercise honeymoon during and post college. He has recently received some not-so-veiled suggestions from family that a little running might do him good - and with a baby on the way, he's going to need the extra stamina.

Jonathan has asked that any readers with helpful tips or lessons on his activities will assume he knows nothing and post comments heavily to help him "endure".

We'll be featuring these and more athletes throughout the summer, so tune in, comment on our athletes, and feel free to ask questions. Also if you'd like to share your training adventure - let us know!

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