Thursday, July 15, 2010

Being a Bulldog

Leslie is an intern here at Element Bars. She is helping to bake and create a new line of Energy Bars. She has brought fresh ideas and willingly volunteers to do anything asked, like today's blog post. . . .

Leslie here- Element Bars summer intern by day; by night. . .I am asleep exhausted from Bulldog Bootcamp. You might be thinking “Can teaching your puppy to sit, roll over and not chew your brand new shoes be that tiring?” If you had that thought you would be mistaken, because Bulldog Bootcamp is not obedience school- it’s a workout class that takes place at 6AM in Chicago’s Grant Park. I had walked by these classes before on my way to work and thought “those people are nuts! you couldn’t pay me to do that” well last week Groupon ran a $40 deal for a month of classes and I paid to do that.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I pull myself from bed at 5:30. I'll take you through my workout today to give you a sense of what it is like to be a Bulldog. I ran out the door with a Cherry Charge in hand. It was a gorgeous morning-the air was fresh, the sky was perfectly clear and the sun was casting a red glow on the buildings. I don't usually eat much in the morning, but I knew I needed to get some quality food in me to power this tough love work out I was facing. The Cherry Charge was just the thing-tasty and full of good stuff. As the crowd gathered, we all just kind of looked at each other and sizing one another up gauging whether or not each person would make it through the next hour.

Our instructor was a sweet girl who tried her best to be a drill sergant-more endearing than intimidating. We started out in two lines, jogging around the park. I passed a few people, a few people passed me, so I felt I was in a good spot - the middle of the pack.What followed was perhaps the most challenging part of the morning, the count-off. While stretching we had to count off by threes. It sounds so easy, but it took people a long time to figure out that this meant counting to 3, in order. That you didn't get to just choose a number. My personal favorite was the girl who yelled "4!". If only she had had an Element Bar, her brain would have been functioning and she would have saved herself so much embarrassment. I managed to say “two” after the person before me said “one”—it was pretty impressive.

As the workout went on, cycling through stations of dips, jumps, lunges and running, I really felt spurred on by my energy bar- we were like a team! This might be part nutrition based, but just mentally knowing that I had put nutritious food in my body helped me power through those last muscle burning sets. Well off to bed so I can workout tomorrow.

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