Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Molecular Customization

Last month I was out in San Francisco to attend my brother's defense of his dissertation in Molecular Biology as the culmination of his doctorate program. Our casual reading does not often overlap but I wanted to share with you this article that he sent me yesterday. It says that gestational diabetes is potentially controlled by the amount of serotonin produced by pregnant women. My brother explained to me "when we know the pathway of the cause (gestational diabetes), hopefully we can intervene with [customized] small molecule therapeutics". The article finds that changes in the right kind of dietary proteins are the small molecule therapeutics that could reduce the likelihood of gestational diabetes.

Normally this would just be a bit of scientific trivia, by like 1 in 10 pregnant woman, my wife, Jennie, was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her 6th month of pregnancy with our daughter, Sydney (happy, both Jennie and Sydney are fine now).

I mention this to give background as to why this article was so interesting to me. Something that affected my family directly might be prevented by a field I work in and is supported by the type of research my brother does. As more research surfaces on this disease and others in the future I hope that Element Bars can help create customized items to help those afflicted.

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