Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Spice of Chris' Life

Chris is our Manager of Baking Operations responsible for the fresh baked bars that come out of our bakery. Up until now, he shared his thoughts with our ingredients, but thanks to the blog he will share his thoughts with us every Thursday.

Everyday, I have a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. No jelly, no banana, no honey – peanut butter. As best I can tell, my coworkers’ thinking about me in this regard is generally split between asceticism and insanity. Rest assured, there’s no mad-man in the bakery.
Lunch has always held a functional, almost utilitarian role for me. Just a chance to quash my hunger in between the more interesting breakfast and dinner. Plus, one can only be so creative brown bagging a lunch.
More importantly is the huge variety I have in my breakfast. Every morning, I eat a different Element Bar. This morning, the bar was chewy with blueberries and cherries. The day before, it was crispy and was loaded with walnuts and an omega-3 boost. I try not to look at the ingredients on the back and surprise myself – see how many I can guess.
By my rough calculations, there are over 88 million possible Element Bars. Can you come up with a more accurate number? Drop us a line on the Contact Us page (don’t forget to show your work!) and you could win a dozen custom bars on us!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Element Bars Across The Pond?

Tom Doar works on the branding and marketing of Element Bars. He blogs on Mondays and tends to have an . . . .interesting perspective.

Element Bars should move to Europe. Or at least start heavily distributing there.

My wife and I just returned from our honeymoon in Europe and concluded that vacationing Europeans would love to create their own unique energy bars to go with their own unique fashion senses.

Neon tank top-bucket hat with a chewy-blueberry bar. . .sure. Collared shirt-speedo combination while munching on a datey-cashew bar. . .sounds great. Now I am not claiming to be a big fashion buff like a Ralph Armani (although I don't think my Aqua Socks should have been vetoed as appropriate dinner wear) but I believe that people who like to swim in a soccer jersey and jean shorts would love a custom made energy bar to snack on.

I have a theory: Due to the vast cultural richness and limited geographic space in Europe, individual Europeans choose the aspects of the cultures they like in their lives and their wardrobes whether or not they seem to "go together". Therefore they would love to build a bar to there exact specifications whether or not the ingredients seem to "go together".

There is a wonderful possibility for Element Bars here. . .and by here I mean Europe.