Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Favorite Element Bar

People often ask me to name my favorite Element Bar.

My answer: The one I have every day for breakfast.

For the past two years, I have had what I call "Quality Control Breakfast" to start my day. This meal consists of a cup of coffee I brew at home and an overrun custom bar I pick up from the bakery. Overrun bars are left over after our custom batches are mixed, baked, cut, wrapped and boxed. Not every batch has an overrun bar and almost all our overrun bars are not big enough to package as a full bar. While overrun bars are not as big as the bars we send to our customers they still provide a healthy start to the day and allow me to test the freshness and taste of the bars we are producing in the bakery.

I once read an interview with Jim Koch founder of The Boston Brewery brewer of Sam Adam’s Boston Lager and he said that he had “5 or 6 quality control beers a day!” Which had me thinking I was a lot healthier being in the bar business as opposed to the beer business.

Keep creating "your bar, your way" but if you are thinking of me and my breakfast, add one fruit and one nut to a chewy core and have the label say "Good Morning Jonathan".

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