Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Water Cooler Chatter

"Did you catch that game last night?"

"See what _______ is wearing today? WOW!"

"Best episode of our favorite trashy show. . . . .I can't believe they got together"
"Is the tube kerfunked?"

"Is the _____hose squished? BUMMER!"

"Worst thing I can think of happening. . . . .I can't go this long without Earl Grey"

Outlined above is Water Cooler Chatter (WCC). The WCC on the left is that of a typical office. The WCC on the right is that of Element Bars from the past two days because . . . ..
Our broken water cooler which is a water warmer (for tea) as well

Our water cooler has been broken.

We did not panic initially because part of the culture at a start-up and spirit of a good entrepreneur is tackling the problems that arise with a smile on your face.

Jonathan Miller tackling a problem with a smile on his face

When smiles fade, good entrepreneurs and successful start-ups bury their heads into the problem.

Jonathan Miller burying his head in the problem

When stumped, good entrepreneurs and successful start-ups look at the problem from another angle and continue to work to find a solution.

Jonathan Miller looking at the problem from another angle and continuing to work

Ultimately, good entrepreneurs and successful start-ups overcome difficulties to enjoy. . .
Tom Doar pouring honey into his mug after Jonathan Miller fixed the water cooler

I am proud to report our company's WCC is back on track and to answer the above questions:

"Yes I saw the game. Block somebody, I mean for real."

"No, I have not seen what _______ is wearing.
I will look for an excuse to venture over there."

"I can't believe the two of them got together either.
Great writers on that show.
When that other guy comes out of a coma he is going to lose it."

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