Monday, December 20, 2010

Heroic Appendix Performances

On Wednesday December 8th, inflamed appendixes (appendi?) threatened to ruin the football season of the Kansas City Chiefs and the holiday season of the Element Bars baking staff.

Chiefs quarterback, Matt Cassel and Element Bars baking manager, Chris, were rushed to separate hospitals in separate vehicles to have the same operations: emergency appendectomies. The similarities between the two situations are in a word: eerie. In two words: freakishly eerie. In three words: jaw droppingly amazing.

At the time, the Kansas City Chiefs were getting ready to play a game against their division rivals the San Diego Chargers.

At Element Bars, we were charging to fulfill our holiday orders.
The Chiefs play at Arrowhead Stadium.

My friend Jeff once found an arrowhead.
Chiefs' quarterback Matt Cassel did not start a game in his college career at USC. . .

Neither did Chris
The Chiefs struggled in Cassel's absence. Replacement, Brodie Croyle, is not as good as Cassel.
Element Bars struggled in Chris's absence. Replacement, me, is simply not as good as Chris.

Well, I am happy to report that Cassel returned to the Chiefs yesterday and went 15 for 29 and threw a touchdown leading the Chiefs to a win over the Rams and happier to report Chris returned to the bakery today and is overseeing the baking, packaging and quality of all of our orders.

Welcome back Chris and Matt. Both of you are doing a great job.

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