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The first detail a customer notices about your nutrition bar brand is often the box that packages your bars. Your box is an important opportunity to make an excellent first impression. You should choose a packaging option that satisfies the customer you hope to reach, whether your box is on the shelves at a retailer or on display at the next big bar expo. You have three options for boxes that package your bars.

Option 1: Printed Corrugated Boxes

If you wish to use printed corrugated cardboard boxes, the minimum order is 500 boxes. The cost per box is $0.60. This option has setup costs equal to $750 per color printing plate used on the box (the box pictured above uses one color printing plate).

  • Cost Effective
  • Low Minimums
  • Eco-friendly
  • Short lead times
  • At most two colors
  • Lacks flexibility for detailed graphics

Option 2: Printed Point of Sale Boxes

There are two pricing paths you can take if you choose Printed Point of Sale Boxes. The first requires a minimum of 1,000 boxes and costs $1.80/box with no setup costs. The second requires a minimum of 2500 boxes and costs $0.50/box, and includes a $1500 die charge as well as a $300 design charge.

  • Flexible graphics and image design
  • Effective branding
  • Longer lead-time
  • Expensive

Option 3: UNPrinted Point of Sale Boxes

The white unprinted display box option will allow you to place your brand label or sticker on the box without having to print the design. The unprinted box options provide convenience to customers who do not want large minimums. The cost is $0.50/box (pictured upper left).

We also offer unprinted corrugated cardboard display boxes for $0.45/box (pictured lower left).

  • Shortest lead-time
  • No Minimums
  • Cost effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lacks flexibility for graphic design and branding

Pricing Table

Point of Sale #1
Point of Sale #2
Order Minimums: Minimum 500 Minimum 1,000 Minimum 2,500 No Minimum No Minimum
Per Box: $0.60 $1.80 $0.50 $0.45 $0.60
Setup Costs: $750 per color
(2 color max)
free $1,800 free free
Total Per Bar*: (1 color) $0.18
(2 color) $0.30
$0.15 $0.10* $0.04 $0.05
Minimum Total Out of pocket: $1,050 $1,800 $3,050 $0 $0
*Keep in mind that the total cost per bar shown in the table above includes the setup costs required for the first run (printing plates are a one time-fee). For example, a second run of 2,500 Printed Point of Sale #2 would only cost $0.04 a bar, since the setup costs have already been covered.

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