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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creative Energy Bar Names

Chris is our Manager of Baking Operations responsible for the fresh baked bars that come out of our bakery. Up until now, he shared his thoughts with our ingredients, but thanks to the blog he will share his thoughts with us every Thursday.

I’ve seen a bar name in my day. One of the most loved features of Element Bars is that you can come up with a special name for your personally designed treat. We have a lot of fun learning what our customers like naming their bars too! I can tell you from first hand experience, Element Bars is lucky to have some very creative customers. A lot of inside jokes, a lot of well-wishers, and one or two that are beyond this humble baker’s comprehension. For example, one such individual decided that only “Cam’s Hot Sweetness” would accurately name their bar. Maybe it’s the summer Chicago heat coupled with working around hot ovens all day. If I were naming my bar this afternoon, it would be “Chris’ chilled crispy”.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

From the Bakery: Experimenting with Coffee that doesn't Spill

Hello World Wide Web,
I’m Chris and I handle most of the baking at Element Bars World Head Quarters. When I’m not up to my elbows in apple-juice-sweetened-cherries, I’m helping answer customer emails and experimenting with new ingredients. I’ll be giving you a peek inside EB and sharing some of the challenges and adventures we encounter in our business.

My job is to provide customers with the all-natural, healthy ingredients they want in a bar that tastes great. Incorporating all three of these criteria in a 2-3 ounce bar is not always easy as my recent effort to introduce caffeine to our Element Endurance bars shows. There were a lot of trials, experimentation, confusion and I was ultimately left scratching my hairnet. While including the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee in each bar might sound appealing (especially if you’re like me and spill your coffee fairly regularly), I quickly found out that it tastes like toxic waste. So for now back to the drawing board and when I get it right, it will be on the Build-a-Bar screen!